What is Power Cleaner - The must have for Samsung Devices.

Power Cleaner

Power cleaner is a utility app that will ensure that your device is clean of unwanted files, apps, cookies etc. It can be scheduled so that cleaning can be automated.

It has 2 modes of operation

  1. Modular wipe: User can select exactly what they want to clean and clean it with just one click
  2. Selective wipe: User can select a data from WHICH the files and apps needs to be cleaned , also select WHAT items needs to be cleaned and WHEN to clean them.

Key features:

  1. Silent Application Uninstall: Applications can be uninstalled based on date range. User interaction is not needed
  2. Clear APP data: Application data can be cleaned to free up space. Date based filtering is possible
  3. Clear Call Logs: Call history can be wiped based on date filter
  4. Clean browse history and cookies: All browser history and cookies from Chrome, Firefox, etc will be cleaned
  5. Files: Files can be filtered based on date and type and be cleaned
  6. Trigger function: Wipe rules can be specified and wipe operation will run on REBOOT
Power Cleaner
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