Play youtube on Gear VR
Stop Bixby and other voice assistants
Disable Hardware Keys and create a kiosk
Disable Playstore to avoid accidental download of apps by kids
Stop malware
Stop unwanted notification during work time

John Doe

UX Designer/Partner

John Doe

Sharon Gruber
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Sharon Gruber

User Experience / Interface Designer


Harry Watson
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Harry Watson

Design and Marketing


  • Necessity. Samsung should pay sales royalties to this developer. Were it not for this app (+ Nova Launcher), I would have bought a Nexus instead of a Note5.

  • Huge Help!! Finally able to disable all the garbage Samsung and Verizon force on us! Helps battery life and frees up RAM for more important things 😊

  • Awesome Great app. I hate getting a new phone and it's full of crap I don't want. With this I can disable all the bloatware, no hassles. Great app, well worth the money 🙂