Kiosking a website has never been so easy

Most businesses don’t have a mobile application but would like to have a tablet interface for their customer.

Common use case would be information kiosk at hotel lobby, survey tablets at a doctors practice, customer login website in a bank.

In all these cases the business can use kiosk browser option to kiosk a website URL . It could be any url , survey, google drive link etc.

The advantage of KIOSK browser is that the end user cannot modify the url or browse to any other website. No other application or website is available for the user.

It is important to use blacklist/whitelist options to restrict user , in cases where your Kiosked URL has siblings to google or other sites that can act like a backdoor.

If the business has more are a few dozen tablets to manage, we always recommend to use a cloud based solution to manage , control and change the URL , add whitelist /blacklist settings.

Superlock fool proof kiosk browser solution that customer can use to create a end solution within minutes.

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