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Kids Control

With Package Disabler you have expansive control of what your child views and doesn’t. With the internet an infinite source of un censored information. You can protect your child from the unknown.


Privacy above all else

We all know how sensitive information is today more then ever. With Package disabler you can hide banking or messeging service apps making sure Secure information Stays secure.



Performance Enhancing

Possible the main benefit of this software. The ability to seamlessly remove bloatware from your mobile device . Increasing battery life and device performance immensely.


Play youtube on Gear VR
Stop Bixby and other voice assistants
Disable Hardware Keys and create a kiosk
Disable Playstore to avoid accidental download of apps by kids
Stop malware
Stop unwanted notification during work time

John Doe

UX Designer/Partner

John Doe

Sharon Gruber
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Sharon Gruber

User Experience / Interface Designer


Harry Watson
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Harry Watson

Design and Marketing


  • Necessity. Samsung should pay sales royalties to this developer. Were it not for this app (+ Nova Launcher), I would have bought a Nexus instead of a Note5.

  • Huge Help!! Finally able to disable all the garbage Samsung and Verizon force on us! Helps battery life and frees up RAM for more important things 😊

  • Awesome Great app. I hate getting a new phone and it's full of crap I don't want. With this I can disable all the bloatware, no hassles. Great app, well worth the money 🙂