Answers to our most commonly asked questions.

‘com.android.externalstorage’ is tagged as bloatware, so disabling it clearly causes other storage dependant apps to crash!

We will take care of this in the next version.

How to enable the accessibility service?

If you can’t enable the accessibility service in settings, you must enable the corresponding package via package disabler Pro + app.(For example, in order to activate ‘Text-to-speech’ service, you must enable “com.google.android.tts” via package disabler Pro + app). Otherwise android settings may throw a null pointer exception.

Does package disabler require google play services for its functionality?

No, package disabler does not require google play services.

What to do if i forgot ‘PASSWORD’?

Go to device settings>App manager>Package Disabler>Clear data.

Another option is uninstall and reinstall app.

What to do if i get the ‘OPERATION ERROR’ message?

please check the version of app you are on. It should be 12.8. If it is not, then update to the latest version. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.powermanager.batteryaddon

How to add packages to a widget so that I can toggle enable/disable of  packages?

a) Launch Package disabler and select the package that you want to add to a widget

b) TICK the “Add to Widget checkbox.  Perform step a  & b for all the packages that you want to add to the widget

c) Now to add widget to the home screen , Long press on the HOME Screen -> widgets -> Pres package disabler pro widget and drag it to home screen

Screenshot_20170809-112730 Screenshot_20170809-112742 Screenshot_20170809-112753
d) Click on package disabler widget to disable the selected packages,  package disabler icon will turn RED. Click on Package disabler widget to enable the selected packages , package disabler icon will turn BLUE.


NOTE: Widgets will not toggle (enable/disable) other bloatwares that you have disabled. Widget will only enable/disable packages that you have added to the widget list , shown in step a.

I am getting License activation failure / retry. How can I resolve this ?

We do not support ROOTED phones . If your devices is ROOTED, package disabler MAY not activate.Make sure your device is “samsung”.

a) Please dont use POWER SAVING mode while activating license.

b) If you are using a Proxy or VPN the license will not activate.
c) If you have used another package disabling tool such as DEBLOATER or ADB based tool, please revert back all the disabled packages.

d) Try Rebooting.

e) Uninstall and Re-install

f) If nothing works factory reset and try again

How do I uninstall package disabler?

a) Launch Package disabler , Click MENU-> uninstall package disabler
b) Go to Settings –> Security –> Device administrators untick package disabler.
c) Go to Application Manager un-install Package Disabler
d) Reboot phone

How do I get a refund from the Playstore?

Open the Google Play Store app.Tap on the Menu icon and choose My Account.Select the app or game you want to return.Tap on Refund.Follow the on-screen instructions to get your money back and uninstall the app or game.

My Package disabler will not launch on my device?

Package disabler only works on Unrooted Samsung/LG devices. Please check support for your device by installing the  PACKAGE INFO[free app] on your device.

Does package disabler have ROOT access on my device?

NO, Package disabler does not require ROOT access.

Can I hide applications on my device without loosing Application data?

YES, if you disable any package , the application will not be accessible to any user until it is re-enabled . You can protect the package disabler login by enabling PASSWORD (MENU->SET PASSWORD)

How do I get rid of Unauthorised action has been detected’ error?

Download Package disabler from the Play Store and search for  ‘Security Log Agent’ package and DISABLE this package.

How to disable bixby?

Disable the following packages:-Bixby global action,Bixby home,Bixby service,Bixby voice,Bixby dummy.

Possible errors while using owner app method:-

A) When I run the command “adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.ospolice.packagedisablerpro/.receivers.AdminReceiver”  I get below error  :-
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not allowed to set the device owner because there are already some accounts on the device
  • This error means that you need to go to the “Accounts” section of the Settings app and remove all accounts first. So, make sure you don’t have any account (like Gmail, Microsoft, WhatsApp …).
  • If you have other users on the device (e.g. a guest user), you need to remove them as well. To remove the guest user, you can switch to the guest user using the user menu, then when you go back to the user menu there will be a “Remove guest” button
  • Run the command again. Once owner app is successful, you can app all your accounts back.