Disable Software Update

Why disable auto update of operating system/ OTA on you device?

Software updates can break enterprise apps, cause crashes in the system, causing loss of data etc.

every software update also comes with annoying notifications shows again and again requesting for an update.

What is the best course of action?

The best way is to use package disabler pro app and disable software update packages.
Search for software update and disable all the relevant packages

What is the best way to rollout the update?
Whenever a new update is available best course of action is to wait a few weeks and ensure all you games, apps, are going to be supported on the newer operating system.

Open package disabler app and enable software update packages . Then go to android settings and perform software update

Most operating system will present user option to accept the terms and conditions and start the update process.

It is always good to be on the latest version of operating system as it ensures better security and better user experiences. In doing so one has to be sure that it does not create new problems that are irreversible.

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