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What is Kiosking?

What is a package disabler Kiosk Mode? Kiosk mode is a mode of operation on software systems to lock down the target device to run with specified restrictions. This is cheapest way to convert consumer device to a bespoke solution. The end user of the...
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How and why to root you phones

On a normal Android device as a user of device , you are limited to what you can achieve on the phone. This leads may mobile phone users to root the device. Rooting the device gives super user privilege on the device. So what can you do with super user...
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Kiosking a website has never been so easy

Most businesses don’t have a mobile application but would like to have a tablet interface for their customer. Common use case would be information kiosk at hotel lobby, survey tablets at a doctors practice, customer login website in a bank. In all these...
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Disable Software Update

Why disable auto update of operating system/ OTA on you device? Software updates can break enterprise apps, cause crashes in the system, causing loss of data etc. every software update also comes with annoying notifications shows again and again requesting...
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The Enemy Within – Bloatware

The Enemy Within You are aware of security threats like virus, malware etc… these threats are almost always handled by Google’s security framework. But I am going to talk about a different kind of security threats that you should be aware of; below...
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