The purchase Package Disabler Business version  that is purchased from this website is a single app solution.

KEY Features
– Disables any APP/Package from Samsung Devices
– Improves Battery Life. Fewer Application running on the system means low consumption
– Improves performance of Android devices. More CPU and RAM can be used for applications that are active. Background applications can be disabled
– Saves disk space on Device. Disabled APPS cannot update. Most of the third-party updates consume large device storage space
– Password protection ( Default password is 0000, this can be changed from the settings menu inside package disabler)
– Import/Export: Once packages are disabled, the list can be exported to SDCard to an XML File (Just click Export Option on the top Menu) When Package disabler is launched on any other device with the XML file, The packages will be disabled automatically.
– Expiry: There is no expiry to Package disabler PRO

Android devices does not automatically start/boot when power cable is connected, if it has 0% battery.

“AUTO BOOT ON POWER” app will now enable you to start the phone when connected to power supply. This feature is default in all iOS devices.

“AUTO BOOT ON POWER” app : Under maintenance

KEY Features
– Automatically boot the mobile device when connected to power
– Turns on mobile device when power is connected
– Shutdown the device when power is disconnected
– Use cases:
– When phone has 0% battery and is connected to charger or in a car , you may forget to click the power button and the phone does not boot
– “AUTO BOOT ON POWER” app will ensure that your phone will boot up when connected to power without the need to click power key
– If the mobile devices are supposed to be used in shops or in a car, you can enable automatic shutdown of device when power is withdrawn