Package disabler pro is a 2 app solution. there is package disabler pro and there is PDP engine app.

The PDP engine app is a plugin that helps to provide the disabling functionality. Package disabler pro provides the user interface.

OEM don’t like package disabler apps so they try to block the package disabler packages in many ways, putting hacks in operating system updates, updating SE Linux security policy etc.

To counter this challenge package disabler pro is now split into 2 apps. All other package disablers had to go for this same approach. As the device manufacturers starts blocking the plugin we can keep changing it.


The good news is you will never have to update the engine APP. Any future update to package disabler pro will not enable your disabled packages


All the functionality of package disabler is back in version 9.3 onwards. Once a particular version of package disabler is working to your satisfaction, you need not update ever and you can be guaranteed to use it for ever.

Our goal as a company is to provide bloatware free mobile experience. We are constantly trying to tackle the OEM attempts.  We thank you all for you ongoing support and understanding.

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Package disabler installation video: