Package Disabler Pro


With Expansive application to different verticals our approach to solution solving accomodates a large avenue for future Business


Being integrated with android software it allows for a smooth user experience


Disable any application available on android devices within seconds. Even delete 100+ bloatware in a single click !

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Memory Management

Disabled packages will not receive updates thereby saving precious disk space !


Disabling bloatware and other unnecessary packages improves your device performance and battery life.

No Root Required !

With our intricate take on device management,  rooting is NOT required to perform any of these tasks!


Pricing Plans


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The Reapplication of superlock is infinite. With a position in multiple industry verticles, Superlock has a multitude of uses.

John Doe

UX Designer/Partner

John Doe

Sharon Gruber
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Sharon Gruber

User Experience / Interface Designer


Harry Watson
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Harry Watson

Design and Marketing


  • Necessity. Samsung should pay sales royalties to this developer. Were it not for this app (+ Nova Launcher), I would have bought a Nexus instead of a Note5.

  • Huge Help!! Finally able to disable all the garbage Samsung and Verizon force on us! Helps battery life and frees up RAM for more important things 😊

  • Awesome Great app. I hate getting a new phone and it's full of crap I don't want. With this I can disable all the bloatware, no hassles. Great app, well worth the money ­čÖé